Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tempted to Vacuum

I'm not referring to pulling out the Hoover. My work in progress would have to hit a brick wall before housework could entice me from my keyboard. That's not to say I don't clean, but I view my Swiffer WetJet and Maytag as evil albeit convenient necessities.

I'm referring to vacuuming the cat. I have no idea who originated the phrase, but IMHO it's the perfect description for wasting time on unproductive activities such as...

YouTube sucks me in, especially when I pull up Bon Jovi videos.

Pogo is magnetic. The daily trivia quiz jumpstarts my brain, but if I open other games, Neakers needs Rogaine.

Research has Electrolux potential. For one of my WIPs, I wanted the meanings associated with gemstones. Well that led to trees and flowers and myriad subjects that had no bearing on the current project.

As if the Internet didn't already strain my nearly non-existent willpower, yesterday I joined Facebook. My intention to network went down the tubes after my not-so-little cherubs introduced me to Hatchlings---find eggs, hatch them, feed them. No intellectual challenge, but highly competitve when four of us simultaneously search the same baskets.

Now that all four cats are bald, Baron better watch out!

Leave a comment and tell me how you vacuum the cat. Better yet, tell me how you resist the temptation. ;-)



Jo said...

Lynda, the first time I heard that expression was from Eleyne. I can go for weeks without "vacuuming the cat" then one day I'll spend ALL day "researching on the Internet, reading through old emails or even getting up and making myself an unnecessary sandwich... BTW, do you mind if I write about winning your AMAZING book online? Please remind me of the genre again: it's historical romance? I've started to read it (oh-oh another temptation)


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