Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Toast to Friends and Dreams Come True


Some people toss around the word like confetti. I don't. I prefer acquaintance for people whose names I might know.

A friend shares his/her heart--hopes and fears, successes and defeats. A friend cradles you in loving arms, catches you before you fall, or helps you pick yourself up after. I am blessed to have several--Jeff, Mary, Jen, Eleyne, Jake, Judi and Faith. Without each of them, especially the first and last two, I would not be realizing my dream.

My first novel, Every Heart Has Its Day, will be published by The Wild Rose Press in 2008. While I'm excited beyond belief, I wish to share this accomplishment with those who helped me most.

A toast to friends--those I already love as well as those I have yet to meet.

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