Sunday, July 6, 2008

A thorn by any other name still...

I'll let you fill in the rest while I again retrieve my mind from the gutter.

You may or may not notice I changed the name of my blog. Though I liked From the Heart, it's not exactly original. At least one other TWRP author and an RWA Chapter bear the name. I don't mind sharing, but trite I will rarely be.

Besides, the new title fits me just as well. Writing is my passion. Eventually I might share some writing tips, but currently I'm suffering from BTDT. During the four (or five?) years I volunteered as a community leader on iVillage's Writing Exercise Board, my co-CLs and I posted weekly writing prompts, mini lessons, and monthly lessons. We covered nearly every major element---commas (which my friend Mary aptly calls the gnats of the punctuation world), how to start, characters, plot, setting, POV, active writing. The list goes on.

Would you like to know what I discovered? A lot of people desire publication, but very few possess dedication. It's WORK! Sometimes fun, often tedious. Writers need open minds and thick skin. Publication is a crap shoot. If you don't enjoy writing, give up before you start.

I'll exit that podium before I get ridiculous. Oops! Too late! Over the years, I developed Lynda's Logic, which makes perfect sense---to me. When the mood strikes, I'll blog about my observations on subjects such as handbags, missing socks, TV ads.

Feel free to stop by, read, and comment if the mood strikes. As always, if you'd like to suggest a topic, I'm all mouth. ;-)



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